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Go from an idea in your head to a fully developed brand…
in two weeks.

Let's define how your brand walks and talks. 

You've got an amazing business idea!
Let's make it amazing-er!

  • Let’s give your brand a new look without any down time. We leave the down time to elevators and American football instead.

  • You have an amazing idea for a business or brand, but aren't really in love with the logo your neighbor's cousin's wife's mechanic designed for you.

  • Your business idea feels ripe and ready, but without a logo, it’s a no go.

  • Your company’s look has been shaped, scraped, polished, filleted, and massaged by so many designers’ hands that maybe it’s… beginning to feel a little… violated.

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WTH is Visual Brand Blueprint?

Our 2-week Visual Brand Blueprint program is designed to work at the speed of the design industry… QUICK

We've mastered the processes and steps we need to follow in order to be able to deliver a fully-developed brand to you, including Brand Guidelines to prevent it from getting diluted over time. We provide this well-intended gesture to you in case you decide to work with any other agency or designer.
(DESIGN INDUSTRY TIP #714: Already having brand guidelines almost always
makes your new design teams secretly happier with you too!)

We can take you:


Having an idea without any visuals to go with it.


Having a brand that doesn't match what you sell, or whom you sell to.


Having a brand that has been managed by so many people over time, it looks like a quilt (with unrelated pieces sewn together).


Having that idea completely developed into visuals, with guidelines on how to use it properly.


Having a brand that is specifically designed to target your ideal buyers by appealing to them.


To having a beautifully cleaned and standardized brand, built from all the pieces of the quilt that worked, alongside some new pieces that make it fit well together.

What are the pro's
about working with
THESE pros?


3 brains > 1 brain

We've got a small but very powerful rock-star dream team that listens to your idea, sits with it, and then creates some wild ideas until they distill them into ones that work well for your brand.


We're VERY picky

We don't work with everyone that knocks on our door. We want to give our clients our best.  In order to do that consistently, we choose not to spread ourselves too thinly. This helps us “lay it on thick”, with our skills, experience, and transparency to create the best results for our clients. 


There's a whole
other side to H+B 

Design on its own is a GREAT start for every brand. When mixed with effective marketing, it inevitably does better. Lucky for you, we do both!

How we do our witchcraft

We've got several steps, but if we were to make a short story, shorter:

  • We take your brand/company name, and do a visual brainstorm. Whatever we come up with goes to a second round where we make decisions. 

  • We then take the options we came up with and ask you to pick one.

  • Once we have a winner, we come back to you with options for fonts, colors, and graphic elements (we'll explain later)

  • You pick your favorites, which sets our agenda to do the rest of the work. In about a week, we'll deliver your brand's "bible". It'll contain how your brand walks and talks, and how to treat it lovingly.

Insert name-drops here

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the famous portfolio…

Still not convinced we can help you out?

  1. Check out our Upwork Profile.

  2. Although they are cliché, the reviews in our profile kinda say it all.

  3. Book a call, and let's discuss your ideas. What's the worst that could happen?

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Ready to work with us?
Here's our calendar. 

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